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Providing Green Services

About Us 

The Green Cosmo Zambia is a registered Non-Governmental organization that aims to provide "Green Services" to the people of Zambia in order to contribute to the global efforts of mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The organization has already made significant strides in its mission, particularly through its successful "Keep Zambia Green and Clean" campaign, which has garnered recognition and appreciation from various levels of Zambian leadership. Collaborating with esteemed individuals such as Vice President Mrs. Mutale Nalumango, National Co-Coordinator Dr. Gabriel Pollen, and DC Madam Rosa K. Zulu has been a source of pride for the organization. However, Green Cosmo acknowledges the need for ongoing actions to effectively address climate change. To this end, the management, under my leadership, has developed an array of innovative green projects as part of our strategic plan.

These projects aim to combat environmental deterioration and reduce global emissions. While Green Cosmo takes responsibility for executing these activities, it firmly believes that safeguarding the environment and ensuring intergenerational equity is a collective responsibility. Therefore, Green Cosmo is open to collaborating with Zambian residents, local businesses, neighboring countries, the Zambian Government, and international stakeholders to create a green world where a harmonious and sustainable future prevails.

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Our Story 

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Our Background

GRECO (Green Cosmos) is an organization established by Martin Mulenga through his successful "Keeping Zambia Clean and Green" campaign. With the support of Mr. Chileshe M Nicholas, a lecturer at Cavendish University, Martin was able to gather a group of passionate young individuals, forming the organization in October 2022. These dedicated youths have been voluntarily carrying out various activities across different regions of Zambia, primarily focusing on garbage collection in central business areas and clearing drainages. On January 23rd, 2023, GRECO received a letter of recognition and recommendation from the Ministry of Green Economy, and on March 10th, 2023, the organization was officially registered with the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services.

Currently, due to its commendable work, particularly in the central business district of Lusaka, GRECO has garnered positive feedback from various agencies and international humanitarian organizations. Through its "Keep Lusaka Clean and Green" campaign, the organization has collaborated with esteemed entities such as the Vice President's office, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), and the District Commissioner's office, among others.

GRECO is composed of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to serving the Zambian communities and making a global impact through various services. The organization's primary focus lies in environmental protection and sustainable development. Some of GRECO's services and activities include, but are not limited to, the "Keeping Zambia Clean" campaign, advocating for afforestation, promoting the use of portable gas stoves instead of charcoal in rural areas, cleaning and rehabilitating drainage systems, organizing public rallies, and conducting educational sessions on the effects of environmental degradation and climate change.


These activities, among others, have gained widespread recognition within the Zambian community in just a few months. GRECO is currently operational in multiple provinces and aspires to establish a presence across all provinces and even beyond national borders. With the availability of adequate funding, GRECO aims to implement a total of 50 green projects, furthering its environmental commitment and objectives


The Vision Statement 

The vision of THE GREEN COSMOS is to become an organization driven by the imperative and golden moral obligation of being responsible of taking care of the environment so that the current and future generation can both attain equal sustainability.

Mission statement
GREEN COSMOS is formed by group of youth activists, who come together to improve communities in both urban and rural through the implementation of green projects that are environmentally friendly.

Values of our organization

  • Working with efficiency and long term sustainability

  • Valuing the principle of social justice and environmental protection

  • Believe in the power of committed youth individuals and organization who want to

  • Contribute to a sustainable development.

  • Working with Professionalism and integrity

The Goal

​The goal of GREEEN COSMOS is to remain committed to conserving the environment with the ultimate goal of becoming a green organization with the purpose of promoting green environment and consequently contributing in the mitigation of climate change.


  1.  Provide supplementary effort to the council by clearing the Cabbage from public places.

  2.   Partner with relevant government institutions, individual, and NGOs who, in many parts

    of the world, advocate for Green Environment.

  3. Promote the use of green energy and bio-fertilizer

  4.  Participate in conferences /rendezvous on global climate change.

  5. Educate the public about the effects of environmental degradation and climate change.

  6. Embark on the project of afforestation and re-afforestation as a way of promoting Green

    Environment and mitigating climate change.

  7. Engage more women in waste management projects and other projects at green cosmos

  8. Generate safe and adaptable strategies of living amidst climate change.

  9. To partner with production industry in mitigating counterfeits that have flooded the

    Zambian market.

  10.  To engage in Drainages rehabilitations and constructions as way of mitigating devastating

    effects of seasonal floods

Meet the Team

The organization is composed of the bearers who shall be responsible of ensuring that the objectives of an organization are prudently achieved. Meet our distinguished office bearers at Green Cosmos.

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Makeni West, Behind Cosmopolitan Mall, Opposite Twatasha School, Chawama Road, Lusaka ,Zambia 



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